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We provide training, consultation and long term coaching globally. Our clients are software-intensive organizations, who seek support for transforming their organizational design, ways of working, and leadership.

Tragedy of Commons or Self-Management

12.2.2020 — Self-management can overcome tragedy of commons

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Achieving adaptability with the redesign of the organisation

7.9.2017 — “It's almost impossible” - Why is it necessary to start a journey into Agility with the redesign of the organization.

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Scaling Agility or Bureaucracy

1.8.2015 — There are two very different strategies in adopting Agile in a large organisation, horizontal or vertical. In other words, you may take one product first with narrow and deep focus. Or you may focus on the vertical coordination layer, which is often perceived as The Scaling Problem.

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LeSS SAFe comparison

25.3.2015 — Agile Scaling frameworks LeSS and SAFe have a history with Nokia. What problem were they solving and how?

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Everyone has a limited Container

6.3.2014 — Understanding the emotional container is essential for not only therapists and parents, but all leaders, coaches and senior colleagues.

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