Why Teamwork

Top management teamwork is critical for big strategic bets. A teamwork-based organization is adaptive and manageable.

Teamwork is the only antidote for bureaucracy. Only teamwork can solve the wicked problems of improving the system, overcoming the silos and narrow roles of the middle management.

Teamwork is the only way to create novel ambiguous interdependent solutions, for example in product development, service, or organizational improvement. Bureaucracy is built to maintain status quo economically.

Teamwork at LeSS Conference

Teamwork happens best in stable small teams. Teamwork skills enable great collaboration and performance also in other organizational units like communities, projects, and workgroups.

Teamwork is the choice of growth for individuals. Even geniuses do not thrive alone. Understanding the roots of Teamwork gives a firm foundation for the (situational) leaders to improve collaboration in any situation.

Leading Effective Teamwork

Enabling conditions

Teamwork emerges with the right conditions: Real team, Compelling purpose, Right people, Clear norms of conduct, Supportive organizational context, and Team‐focused coaching.

Learn to influence the surrounding organization and create the preconditions.


When the enabling conditions exist, and the team puts effort in, the team will find its ways.

Learn the practice of overcoming individual and collective resistance, so that the whole team operates from responsibility.


Interaction between team members gradually creates norms, the local culture.

Learn how wise feedback for improvement, Nonviolent Communication for processing emotions, and peer coaching for solutions create trust and safety.

Group Dynamics

Practicing teamwork gradually creates a shared productive whole. Group dynamics makes sense of this invisible whole and its strong influence on the members.

Learn to understand the patterns, heal dysfunctions, and lead team development.

About group dynamics

Process, Technology, Competence

Process, technology, and competence enable or constrain Teamwork.

Learn how different frameworks and technologies succeed in supporting Teamwork.


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