Training program for leaders and internal coaches

Build the critical mass of motivated competent credible change drivers. (Internal only)

Every organizational transformation will encounter confusion and conflict with the old structures and practices, let it be Agile adoption, or building the culture of Continuous Improvement. Also, change and improvement are inherently slow and ineffective in large fragmented organizations.

Currently, the informal network of the key people of all roles and levels is running the system. There will be meaningful lasting change only when these key people are actively coaching their local working environment, using their knowledge, credibility, and new change leadership skills.

This training, tailored for your organization, onboards and initiates new people to the Coaching Community by giving the fundamental skills for teamwork and leading change, analyzing the organization together, and practicing continuous improvement in connection with the sponsoring management. More at our Consultation page.

For technical, process, and business extra days or separate trainings need to be added.

Who is it for

For organizations that want to have a lasting change in their culture, leadership and ways of working.

Participants are influential people with diverse roles and expertise, who know how the organizational system works.


This is an example/default agenda based on dozens of training groups since 1997. The content, terminology, and timing will be tailored for your needs.

The training is based on experiential learning. For every new theme or technique, we first introduce the new concepts, then analyze the participant's working reality, and finally decide what to do.

Day 1: Working with individuals

  • Sponsor assignment
  • Coaching dialogue
  • Feedback
  • Nonviolent Communication

Day 2: Leading Organizations

  • Culture, Complexity, Power
  • Analyzing our organization
  • Organizational (anti)patterns
  • Applied Agile topics

Day 3: Teamwork

  • The essential conditions
  • Group dynamics and teamwork
  • Conflict resolution
  • Applied Agile topics

Day 4: Continuous Improvement

  • A3 applied to product development
  • Small group work with real topics
  • Applied Agile topics

Day 5: Celebrate (1/2 days)

  • Finalize A3 improvement plans
  • Present improvements
  • Reflect learning
  • Diplomas & bubbles
  • The shared goal: Find better ways
    of working, in practice
  • Thinking homework between modules
  • Interview stakeholders
    for A3 improvement work

The trainer

Ari started his career with ten years of mathematical engineering and software development. He has experience in developing teamwork and organizations full-time since the last millennium. The training content is drawn from Teamwork research by Richard Hackmann and Susan Wheelan, Coaching, Nonviolent Communication, LeSS, and long mentoring in Tavistock and Foulkes's group dynamics traditions. Lately, Ari has done long-term full-time coaching with BMW, Flixbus, and the financial sectors. He is a certified LeSS coach.


The goal and frame of the training will be designed together with the sponsoring executive management.

A cross-role cross-organizational group of 12 participants is optimal for diversity and collaboration.

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