Actionable Fearless Leadership

Actionable Fearless Leadership supports the top management and change leaders to build a thorough Agile Adoption.

A typical Agile transformation will encounter confusion and conflict with the old structures and practises. At the same time change and improvement are slow and ineffective in large fragmented organizations.

Large-Scale Scrum aims at a fundamental change of the organizational design, so that it will enable Agile. It is not adding Agile on top of whatever.

This training guides you to take real steps, based on novel analysis of the current system, towards Perfection Vision beyond the safe and familiar.

To Whom

Top management and change leaders

Learning targets

Learn the essential job-to-be-done of the Leadership and practical facilitation by:

  • Analyzing the current state of one's own organization using novel patterns and techniques, in a way that the shared thinking and discourse expands beyond the status quo.
  • Building the perfection vision beyond old thinking, using Large-Scale Scrum and Actionable Fearless Leadership in discovering what are the necessary and sufficient goals for the organization.
  • Designing the adoption path.


Two days, max 12 participants.

The training is based on experiential learning. For every new theme or technique we first introduce the new concepts, then analyze the participant's working reality, and finally decide what to do. This method can be applied at individual level, but it works best when groups of participants share the same working reality.

Day 1

  • Welcome
  • Coaching Dialogue for leaders
  • Teamwork
  • Scaling Teamwork
  • But... complexity
  • Fearless Leadership
  • Building feedback in
  • What to do?

Day 2

  • Remember
  • Secure base
  • Case Nokia Mobile Phones
  • Management by Fear
  • Resistance
  • Conflict resolution
  • Building a Learning Organization
  • Retrospective

Description of the content can be found at Principles of Actionable Fearless Leadership. The training is fully aligned with Large-Scale Scrum.


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