Sustainable organization by sustainable change

Agility for business

  • enables profit, valuation and survival,
  • by responding immediately to customer situation, technical demand and organizational challenges,
  • with minimal cost and disturbance;
  • and creates a meaningful place to work.

You drive the Adoption - we support

Workshops and training gradually engage everyone in the Adoption of Agility.

Clarity and motivation grow at every step, from the first assessment to the established new way of working.

Adoption path

  • Assessment
  • Top Management strategic decision
  • Refine Adoption plan
  • Educate Everyone
  • Organize for Customer-Centric Learning
  • Start working

Work and Learn ad infinitum

  • The work is learning to build what business and customers need
  • Adoption becomes everyday Continuous Improvement

Use our experience of multi-year adoptions of Lean, Agile and Large-Scale Scrum.


Practical help and Way forward


We make an in depth analysis of Your organization in 2 to 5 days consisting of:

  • Planning meeting
  • Interviews from top management to front-line workers
  • Assessing key meetings
  • Examining selected documents

The results are documented and presented to the organization, giving actionable improvements, and a clear view on the capabilities compared to other organizations.


  • Systemic analysis of the organization's current state
  • Pain points and intervention points
  • Practical improvement suggestions for major findings

The improvements provide immediate pain relief for bottom-up work, and the following workshops deepen the analysis for top-down Adoption.


Top Management resolution defines the success

Top Management Workshop - 2-5 days

A focused workshop to align the management behind the strategic decisions.

Analyze the Adoption from the management perspective, using new thinking. Other key people participate so that there is enough power and realism in the room. We analyze:

  • Dynamics of the current and desired organizations
  • Leadership thinking and underlying assumptions
  • Business measurement and control
  • Value of the Adoption - profitability, valuation, and sustainability
  • And articulate "What we want," in the form of Perfection Vision and Adoption Path


  • Perfection Vision and Adoption Path with challenging and realistic goals for next months
  • Definition of the Product and Organization that define the scope of the Adoption
  • Commitment for time and resources for the Adoption, including own time and learning of the Top Management
  • Learning to lead the change



Key people lead the Adoption

Leading Adoption workshops - 3-5 days

The right people team up for structured co-learning, combining diverse experience from Top management to technical front-line. They will be the situational leaders of the Adoption.

Training and workshops deepen the analysis and Adoption plan from technology, workflow and people perspectives:

  • Learn to learn the system, using new thinking and experimentation
  • Design and simulate the new way of working
  • Estimate the practical consequences of the Adoption
  • Leading people in change


  • Adoption backlog and refined Perfection Vision
  • Refined definition of the Whole Product
  • Definition of Done
  • Impediments, internal and external
  • Communication readiness for Educate Everyone



Start working as soon as possible.

  1. Educate everyone
  2. Organize the teams for Customer Centric Learning
  3. Start the working and learning, supported by adequate training and coaching
  4. Establish Continuous Improvement - keep up systematic Why and How work

In most cases it is optimal to do a deep and narrow change early, and learn in the new set-up. Only in very large organizations a piecewise approach is beneficial.

The adoption becomes stable when 10 % of the people have got an adequate training and coaching.

The demand of internal coaches and educated leaders is best supplied with a well designed training program, combining the ongoing How work with selected Training.