Find immediate actions and long term improvement

We execute an in-depth analysis

  • Agreeing on assessment details
  • Interviews from top management to front-line workers
  • Key meetings and work documents
  • 2-5 days

We make the results understood

  • Discuss the findings with the management
  • Event with the organization
  • Systemic analysis of the current state
  • Practical improvements
  • Next steps towards the serious transformation

Leading Your Organization

Support your key people in challenging situations

We coach individuals

  • Executives
  • Transformation leaders and internal coaches
  • Product managers and Product Owners
  • Program managers
  • Community leaders

We coach teamwork

  • Leadership teams
  • Struggling teams
  • Teams in demanding situations
  • Communities, networks, projects, and other highly collaborative organizational settings

LeSS adoption

Get experienced training and coaching for your structured LeSS adoption

We coach the whole organization

We coach LeSS teams

  • Practical daily problem solving
  • Working with the backlog
  • Technical coaching and Continuous Delivery (with our network)
  • Co-coach with Scrum Masters

Continuous Improvement

Initiate the culture of Continuous Improvement by combining Agile Retrospectives and Lean A3

We facilitate retrospectives

  • 15 to 150 participants in one big or several smaller retrospectives
  • Train internal facilitators
  • Time to Think Together for everyone
  • Find and prioritize Pain
  • Agree immediate corrective actions

We coach the A3 process

  • Coach the A3 owners to solve for the most important systemic Pain
  • Adapt the A3 process for Your organization
  • Provide content to the A3 analysis and countermeasures
  • Coach the stakeholders and sponsors to lead the improvement effort


Create the Community with the critical mass of motivated competent credible change drivers

We support the leaders to organize the Community

  • Coach individuals and teams
  • Co-lead the community
  • Organizational analysis

We work with the Community

  • Onboarding training program
  • Advanced training and coaching
  • Coach the local adaptations
  • Co-work with challenging situations