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Radical curiosity


Gosei, 悟性, means wisdom and understanding in japanese. We believe that discovering reality leads to effective action and lasting value for everyone. We want to be recognised for our service for the customers, and for sharing valuable knowledge with the community.

Unfair advantage

We know what is the mutually reinforcing combination of new thinking, leading, structure and workflow, which creates a real transformation. Together with you we implement the practises that work in your context, unlike some competition that offers superficial processes or inconsistent best practises,


We are a certified LeSS Coaching company. We are members in Agile Alliance, Scrum Alliance, Agile Finland and Beyond Budgeting. We apply methods by Cognitive Edge, Hofstede organizational culture assessment, Tavistock Organisational Dynamics. We provide certified trainings of Scrum Alliance and Large Scale Scrum (LeSS).


We have worked at Telecom, Medical, Car, Heavy Metal, Energy, Financial, Public and Game sectors applying Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS), Lean Startup, Program Management, Teamwork, Developer practises, Retrospectives and numerous other practical techniques.


We have over 20 years of experience in software development business. We have a network of world class experts, with whom we have personally worked with

Ari Tikka

Ari Tikka

+358 400 308 304


Ari provides coaching, training, and consultation for Agile Teams, Product Owners, and Adoption Leaders. He has worked in the software business since 1990, including seven years of developing fault-tolerant embedded real-time systems.

1997 Ari became a full­-time organizational therapist, earning profound experience in leading individuals, group dynamics, and organizational culture. He co-lead three-year cultural change for 1 000 people organization, and delivered a ten-day training program for 150 Nokia program managers.

Since 2006 Ari has worked with Agile Adoptions in telecom, car, medical, financial, game and heavy metal sectors. He is working with international Large­-Scale Scrum (LeSS) adoptions, and contributing actively to the framework. He has successfully applied LeSS wisdom in unusual cases.

In private life, Ari listens to classical music (now playing), lifts iron, runs after the ball and tries to sit quietly in Zen meditation.

Wolfgang Steffens

Wolfgang Steffens


Wolfgang is a passionate Lean & Agile Coach, Trainer, Scrum Master, Problem Solver, Project Manager, Knowledge Seeker, Systems Thinker with a high level of energy. He has worked 20 years for Nokia/Nokia Siemens Networks.

He has over six years of practical experience as a Lean and Agile coach in large-scale lean and agile adoptions. He has also been leading the Program Management Development function on business unit level for four years and was a development manager in program management on company level for four years. Wolfgang’s experience covers also working as Program Manager for five years including successful commercial launch of products.

Recently he traveled for over 3 years around the world with his dogs on a motorcycle.

Currently he is working as an Agile Coach and trainer for Gosei where his recent engagements have taken him to Large-Scale Scrum adoptions (LeSS) in a traditional insurance company and digital manufacturing field.

Ran Nyman

Ran Nyman

+358 44 3410 124

Ran is an experienced software professional who has worked since 1995 in professional software development field. First programs he wrote in CP/M operating system using BASIC language in the middle of eighties. Since then he moved to more modern languages like C, C++, and Java. Ran has extensive experience in design patterns, UML, distributed systems, Test Driven Development and Specification by Example, Executable Requirements (also know as Acceptance Test Driven Development).

Currently, Ran is working as a consultant and trainer in process improvement field helping large multinational organizations to move from sequential product development to more agile ways of working. The primary focus has been on how to move big products (over 100 people) to use Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) and Lean. This work includes giving wide range of trainings, workshops, team coaching and management consulting.

Ran is Certified LeSS Trainer from LeSS Company and Certified Scrum Trainer from Scrum Alliance.

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