Lean, Agile and Innovation

With us you learn to lead the flow of work and the unity of organization.
Build the right things fast, and you will experience productivity, flexibility and being in control.
Feel good. Call Gosei.

  • Achieving business agility with TETRAsim Oy

    Results: 94% faster response time to customer requests, 10000 € savings per team, significantly better quality.

  • Adopting Agile methods in a finance sector organization

    1.3M€ yearly savings, defects reduced from 4000 to 30, winning a bidding contest.

  • Establishing a product development chain in a gaming company

    Market delivery time reduced from 24 months to three.

  • Establishing Customer Development process for new business development

    From concept to cash in two months.

  • Charting an IT buyers needs and re-designing processes with drama and service design

    “Results: a backlog for an agile acquisition project, service innovations, and building ownership in the organisation.”

    — Project Manager

  • Vision clarification for Ministry of Education and Culture

    “People are saying that Gosei took our ministry to a whole new level.”

    — Counsellor of Education

  • Lean Startup training, Affecto

    “I will test this new concept with my customer.”

    — participant

  • Training program for NSN Leadership Academy

    200 experts trained in Asia and in Europe.

  • Coaching executive team and program managers

    Received the Nokia Leadership Award.


We have more than 20 years of diverse experience in software development business. For the special skills and more capacity, we have a network of people we have worked with.

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Ari Tikka
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Ran Nyman
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